Standpoint ETHoS™ is a networked intelligence service platform capable of integrating disparate data and unlocking its potential. Through autonomic social discovery and intelligent integration of data relationships, ETHoS™ is innovating how individuals, brands, businesses, and agencies connect and utilize the information available to them in a digital world of social everything, mobile everywhere and the rapidly growing API economy.

ETHoS™ manages this context in a secure central repository and supports a service framework that uses social graph concepts and metadata provenance to describe data context awareness in a uniform way, and maintains data security, maps relationships, and extracts relevant information from complex datasets using social automation and “soft bridging" of disparate networked data to bring networked intelligence into your data needs. With ETHoS™, users can work confidently and efficiently in industries and situations that require data integrity.



Today we’re experiencing the rapid growth of data and integration points like never before. Everyone contends that they need the latest information now, and in relevant context, but fragmented systems often create unseen complexities that increase costs, and restrict and misguide the flow of information.

What does the future look like? We envision it as a place where information, systems and devices come together around the needs of the individual. It looks like ETHoS™: the future of networked intelligence.

The world will only become more interconnected, granting us even greater access to information. Rather than being handcuffed by fragmented, obscured information, ETHoS™ sets free the power of connections hidden to data.

With ETHoS™, all things come together to serve you—as if the network not only knows you, but is built for you. Bring data together, and monetize its potential:

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With access to timely, accurate, and well-sourced information, you can seize the true potential of the data deluge.


Today’s medical professionals must link divergent data in order to solve critical, time sensitive concerns for their patients. To utilize trusted data such as general practitioner and hospital records, test results, clinical databases, sensor readings and more, they need a system that can synch data from across the broad spectrum of sources, and relay information in an intuitive, contextually aware manner. ETHoS™ “Advocated” environments are the answer.
Underlying information security challenges such as malice, misuse and mistake apply equally across the world of big data analytics. The fact is, information is available for “good” and “bad” purposes in equal turns. Individuals with malicious intent can use big data analytical techniques to improve their exploits, facilitate security breaches, aggregate data to assist with identity theft and more. The use, power, and meaning of Big Data are in the eye of the beholder. When you control the data creation and collection process, you can accurately gauge its source and integrity, using it to support your enterprise and your customers.


1How does ETHoS™ protect my information?
Your privacy is of utmost importance at all times. Advocates use algorithms to securely anonymize your data at all times. Because of the private social environment that the Advocates work within, the only data that is ever shared is relevant to optimizing the task at hand. Your Advocate helps to manage the privacy of your digital presence by tracking where and how your personal data is being utilized.
2How do I set up ETHoS™?
Once you have purchased your ETHoS™ Advocate, you can log in to your account and enter in your personal information and adjust settings to optimize your experience. However, just as anything run from data, your ETHoS™ Advocate will need a small window of time to "learn" from your behaviors and and data consumption. The more you interact, the more personalized your experience will be. You can modify the way your Advocate works for you at any point in time but simply logging into your account and updating settings.
3Where can I access my Advocate from?
Your advocate is accessible 24/7 through any mobile device, tablet, or browser.
4What is the mission of Standpoint Software and ETHoS™
As the Internet of All Things grows our mission is to give users socially automated networked intelligence to the data of things that matter to them, whether in enterprise settings or as individuals wanting to better manage their daily lives.
5 Who’s the team?
Standpoint Software is lead by Stephen Overman, CEO of Standpoint, started in early 2014. Standpoint has formed several partnerships with firms that have achieved exemplary business success and proven world class practices. These relationship have been formed to help accelerate Standpoint’s to market opportunities. Partnerships include: iSolve Creative Concepts LLC., +Citizen, KineticsConnects, IntegrusCapital.
6How do I buy ETHoS™?

Contact us to learn more about licensing ETHoS™ technology